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A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistles to the Ephesians and to the Colossians [T. K. Abbott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.
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Expository Reflections on the Letter to the Ephesians. Similar to his reflections on John's gospel, this is a solid work by a solid and spiritual NT scholar.

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Designed for the English reader, it is less a verse-by-verse commentary and more a collection of theological and sermonic observations. O'Brien, Peter T. The Letter to the Ephesians. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. This work is in the Pillar series and is, in my opinion, the best commentary available. Although O'Brien interacts extensively with the Greek text, the commentary is extremely helpful to all readers.

Solid theologically. Argues convincingly for Pauline authorship. Get it! Robinson, J. Commentary on Ephesians. Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, []. An older work, based on the Greek text, that I have often found insightful. Schnackenburg, Rudolph. Ephesians: A Commentary. Translated by Helen Heron.

Critical Exegetical Commentary Epistles Ephesians Colossians

Not always conservative in his interpretations, Schnackenburg is still helpful. Accessible only to those with a working knowledge of Greek. Schnackenburg is Catholic and rejects Pauline authorship. Simpson, E. Commentary on the Epistles to the Ephesians and the Colossians. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, []. Simpson wrote the commentary on Ephesians.

It is rather strange and unlike Bruce's contribution on Colossians. Simpson's prose is elaborate and illustrative. Although you won't find much exegetical or theological depth here, Simpson is always good for a powerful quotation. Snodgrass, Klyne.

Epistle to the Ephesians

Grand Rapids: Zondervan, Snodgrass, a Baptist and an Arminian, has written a helpful, non-technical commentary for the English reader. As much space is devoted to application and contemporary significance of Paul's letter as to exegetical and theological interpretation. Stott, John R. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, As always, Stott has written an excellent work. It is exegetically sound and always has excellent illustrations and applications for today's audience. This is the best commentary available for those who do not read Greek.

Turner, Max. Although no date is projected for its release, when it is available, get it! Turner is not only an excellent Greek scholar, he has also written an excellent book on the validity and operation of all spiritual gifts for the church today. Westcott, B. Saint Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. Westcott was one of the premier Greek scholars of the church. Technical, but good even for the English reader.

Although not commentaries, two works by Clinton Arnold are worthy of note and purchase. But it is unlikely that he should have been led to adopt this title merely by the fact that mention is made elsewhere of an Epistle not to, but from Laodicea. There is nothing in the Epistle itself to suggest Laodicea. Secondly, the early and universal recognition in the Church of the Epistle as written to the Ephesians.

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This theory, to be plausible, would require the facts to be reversed, i. Apart from this, the theory postulates a critical study of the relations between the apostle and the Churches which it would be a complete anachronism to ascribe to that early age. Paul before he had seen the Ephesians. But it did not occur to Theodore or the others to question the correctness of the text.

An accidental omission of the words is out of the question. The only hypothesis that agrees with the facts is that the Epistle was in some sense an encyclical or circular letter. This seems to have been first suggested in a definite form by Ussher Ann. Or we might suppose, with Hort, that there was originally only one copy sent by the hand of Tychicus, the blank being filled orally when the Epistle was read in each place, and the name so supplied being naturally written in the copy or copies which would be made for preservation there.

A little consideration will show that no weight is to be attached to this argument. In the latter case, it has wholly perished, not a single copy having been preserved even to the time of Marcion. In the former case, only the copies bearing other names than that of Ephesus disappeared. Is not this quite natural? When copies were in demand, where would they be sought for but in the metropolitan city and commercial centre of Ephesus?

No interest would attach to any particular address.

Why, then, should it be thought much more probable that all copies should have been allowed to perish than that only those with names of minor importance should fail to be multiplied? It must be admitted that this plan of leaving blanks savours more of modern than of ancient manner, and resembles the formality of a legal document more than the natural simplicity of St.

Indeed, we have examples in 2 Corinthians and Galatians of the form of address which he would be likely to adopt in an encyclical letter. Besides, any hypothesis which makes Ephesus the chief of the Churches addressed, is open, though in a less degree, to the objections alleged above against the traditional designation. Milligan Encycl. The Epistle, then, is best regarded as addressed, not to a Church, but to the Gentile converts in Laodicea, Hierapolis, and Colossae, and elsewhere in Phrygia and the neighbourhood of that province.

This is the view adopted by Reiche, Ewald, and independently by Prof. Milligan who, however, supposes the Epistle addressed only to the Gentile converts of Laodicea and Colossae.

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It meets most of the difficulties. It explains the absence of local references combined with the local limitation implied in It also escapes the difficulty of supposing a blank space in Moreover, the hypothesis explains the remarkable fact that the Epistle contains no allusion to doctrinal errors such as had taken so great a hold in Colossae.

Robertson, Ellicott, Lightfoot, Hort, B. Weiss, Wold-Schmidt, Milligan. Paul, evidence of acquaintance with it on the part of early writers is important. When we add to this the fact that it professes to be St. We begin then with— Clement of Rome, c. Still closer is c. Again, c. Ephesians And c. Compare Ephesians , Ephesians The coincidence is in substance rather than in words, but it is best accounted for by supposing a knowledge of our Epistle. Ignatius, Ep.

Many writers including Hefele, in loc. For, in the first place, it is ungrammatical; certainly no example has been produced which is quite parallel. Other supposed parallels are examined by Lightfoot, in loc. Two have been relied on by later writers, viz. But neither are these analogous.

The fact of St.

In aliis epistolis apostolus eos ad quos scribit saepe acriter objurgat aut parce laudat. But the peculiarity of the Epistle is that nothing is mentioned or even alluded to which is personal to the Ephesians. Kiene Stud. But can we say that St. Allowing for a natural hyperbole we may answer, Yes.

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