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Recommendations for professional development necessary for iPad integration of teachers for initial integration of technology with the iPad device and that successful professional development occurs when teachers are.
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In the study, high school students in Bedford, Massachusetts, used the Solar Walk simulation from Vito Technology to explore a 3-D, pinch-to-zoom display in two different ways, Schneps explained.

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First, the display was set so that the solar system appeared in the unrealistic " orrery display " scale that's commonly depicted in textbooks. It features greatly exaggerated planets, including an Earth with a diameter that is a staggering 38 percent of the sun's, and an Earth orbit shrunk to just five times the size of the planet's own diameter.

The second experience used a true-to-scale mode, showing how tiny planets actually are, compared with the size of their orbits, appearing as mere dots on the screen to show viewers just how vast the solar system really is. Users showed improved learning when using both modes, the authors reported, but the true-scale experience was particularly effective in promoting learning and clearing up scale misconceptions about our cosmic neighborhood.

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Educators have struggled to represent these concepts. Think of blackboard time lines stretching for millions of years, or students scattered across a classroom with basketballs, tennis balls, and golf balls meant to represent the planets. We recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

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You are welcome to bring a fully charged mobile device. It is not, however, a requirement to attend this seminar. This outstanding seminar is designed for educators working with kindergarten students who want to make effective use of the power of digital technology to extend content learning and engage students.

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You will discover new ways to reach all your kindergartners, including English language learners and those with disabilities, even if you have access to only one mobile device. Throughout this fast-paced day, you will learn about highly effective apps, websites and innovations you can use immediately, as well as easy-to-manage activities, tools and resources that are most applicable to content areas.

Sue Holt , an experienced kindergarten teacher and outstanding seminar leader, will share dozens of the best, new strategies for using iPads, Chromebooks and mobile devices to enhance content instruction and positively impact student learning in the kindergarten classroom. You will gain dozens of practical, usable ideas for utilizing technology to increase learning and save valuable instructional time in the kindergarten classroom.

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I look forward to sharing about my diverse experiences the good, the bad, the ugly! I will present teacher-friendly ways of using iPads and other mobile devices to transform your current teaching and curriculum. Technology is here to stay, changes daily and can powerfully transform our teaching if we are willing.

Our students were born before most mobile devices were introduced for classroom use. Whatever the policies may be in some countries, the tools being used may be dependent on the laws of the country where they are hosted, and our learners may well be dealing with either now or in the future , countries which do take the issues seriously.

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The project has been bottom up in terms of training and we would hope to keep it that way, with people learning at their own pace, gradually expanding the project as current users share their knowledge. In terms of external training The Consultants-e do an excellent mlearning course and IH World has set up an mreading group. Although in our school we will also be doing training sessions for interested teachers and creating a shared ideas bank, we have found that by having the iPads for home use we have discovered individual ways of training ourselves.

Firstly it is important to point out that a tablet is not a replacement for a computer. Puentadura, provides a useful way for us to examine our use of technology, through the consideration of activities regardless of level. Tablet devices lend themselves to the development of tasks at the higher levels through creative and collaborative use.

The portability and connectivity of the device means that you can have class audio, video, camera, photos, notes, admin tools, voice recording and the internet all on one handy device.

It is very important to realise there is more to tablets than the apps and that it is also important to bear in mind the apps you use. The best ones for use in the class should encourage creativity and collaboration.

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Are they for admin use, for the distribution of student work, for reference, for student self-study, for creating etc? Will they function offline? Are they multi-platform or limited to a specific store, as students may wish to use them on their own mobile devices? Likewise students may not want to pay for an app, so purchasing cost may also be a factor, as is personal preference for one type over another. Most apps also have a web based version.

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Photos can be added to make flashcards. In both systems the teacher sets up classes and assigns students a class code and individual code, in this way respecting privacy for both teacher and student.